About Us

The Womens International Motorcycle Association was founded in the USA in 1950 by a remarkable woman called Louise Scherbyn.  Louise was a pioneering woman motorcyclist, who, during the 1940's noticed the increasing popularity of motorcycling amongst women.  She believed there should be a world-wide organization for all women motorcyclists.  In 1952 Louise wrote of her vision:

"I believe that there should be a world-wide organization for all women motorcyclists.  Why not unite as a body in exchanging ideas and opinions, problems and advice?  And with this came the initial step of the founding of the Women's International Motorcycle Association.  People said to me at the time this endeavour would be an impossibility.  My love of the sport and my determination carried me on to make it a possibility and eventually a successful reality.  With the help of every member and some wonderful friends,  WIMA has now grown today to be the largest women's motorcycle organization in the world. And that, girls is how it all began."

Another pioneering woman motorcyclist was Theresa Wallach who was International Vice Captain of WIMA from 1947 to 1977.    Theresa together with another female motorcyclist, Florence Blenkiron travelled in 1934-35 through Africa from Algiers in the north through the Sahara Desert to Cape Town on a 600c Panther motorcycle with sidecar and towing a trailer.

The Australian Division began life in 1950 when Hazel Mayes of Sydney was invited by the founder to become the first member outside the U.S.A.  The club has been particularly active since its renaissance in Adelaide in 1985 under the leadership of Linda Bootherstone.   Now members of WIMA Australia can be found throughout the country.

Our association is for women who are interested in motorcycling in any form and wish to support motorcycling amongst women.  Most activities include men as partners and friends and they are welcome at rides, rallies and events.

WIMA is part of the wider motorcycling community and we join in many activities organized by other clubs such as Toy Runs and Pink Ribbon Rides.

WIMA now has members in over 29 countries.  These are  Austria, Australia, Bangladesh ,Belgium,Bulgaria Canada,Curacao,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, India,,United Kingdom, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Denmark,Norway, Romania, UAE, the and the USA.  An International Rally is held once a year hosted by a different country each time.  Australia hosted such a Rally at Kiama, NSW in the year 2000 and one was held at Taupo, New Zealand in 2005 attended by members from Europe, the U.K. Japan and Australia. In 2010 the Rally near Mt Fuji, Japan, and was well attended by WIMA members.  In 2015 Australia held an International Rally at Phillip Island, Victoria which was attended by 50 WIMA members from overseas.