WIMA Events

  International Rally Calendar (See WIMA Interstate for local events )

Join us at these week-long events,  or arrive earlier for the pre-rally activities.

The host country organises meals & accomodation, helps with bike hire information and organises daily activities eg a motorbike treasure hunt, local history talks and walks, guided rides, tours of the local castles, salt mines, national parks etc and maybe a women-only motorbike track day or off-road training session. The accommodation provided suits everyone's budget. 

Up to 200 women members and their partners attend. The final day ends with a parade through the local  town or city.  There is generally a Rally every year in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. As well, there are country Rallies you can attend at other times.


   2019:  (1) The Island of Curaçao. 21-27 April; and

         (2)   The UK, Casterton, Derbyshire.  11-17 August.   

    www.yha.org.uk/hostel/castleton-losehillhall -  virtual tour. 

   2022: Switzerland

   2020: Germany 27 July -1 August;
                             Pre-rally 23 July-26 July.

             Malaysia 8 -15 March

   2023: France

   2021: Netherlands (40th Anniversary Rally)


   2024: Australia and Poland

   2025: Sweden



See the WIMA Interstate page on this website  for state-based events or rallies members might be attending.