Eleven Wima members attended the Natinal AGM held on the 5th March at the Echuca Holiday Park in Echuca seven from Victoria and three from South Australia.  Most members had braved the very hot conditions and ridden there.  Michelle and her husband Ben had had a very hot ride from Adelaide and their return journey on the Sunday was no better with a heavy shower of rain as they were nearing home.

Kathy O'Donnell from Victoria was elected President replacing Moira Stewart who has done an excellent job as President over the past 6 years and also heading the Committee which organised the Wima Australian International Rally last year in October at Phillip Island.

Linda Rosowski is the new Vice President, Lee Skinner replaces Liv Andersen as Treasurer and Membership Officer, Moira stewart will carry on with Publicity, Margaret Stewart will be doing the magazine and Liv Andersen the website.

Three new members from Victoria joined at the meeting - Sue, Cheryl and Dawn.

After the meeting some of the members cooled off in the pool before meeting up with the other members at the Shamrock Hotel for dinner.  There is an ice cream shop just across from the Shamrock and some members enjoyed ice creams after dinner sittting outside in the cool of the evening. 


This year's WIMA National AGM was held in Robe, South Australia at the Discovery Parks Caravan Park on the 1st April 2017. Thirteen members attended, six from Victoria, six from South Australia and one from NSW. Members arrived on the Friday and spent time looking around Robe which is a small coastal town in the south of South Australia. Some members came on their bikes others by car.

The National AGM was held in the morning on the Saturday. The same committee was elected as from 2016 with the addtion of two ordinary Committee members Emma Bagg and Sus Leishman.  Kathy O'Donnell is President, Linda Rosowski, Vice President, Wendy Taylor is Secretary, Lee Skinner is Treasurer, Membership Officer, and Public Officer with Margaret Stewart as Editor. 

On the Saturday evening members went to the Robe Hotel for dinner which gave them time to catch up on news of what was happening in the other states.  A definite place has not yet been set for next year's AGM but it will probably be in NSW.

WIMA AGM 2018     above

WIMA AGM 2019   

Members from South Australia, Victoria and NSW rode or drove to the beachside town of Inverloch on the Victorian coast for the AGM.  Those following in the wake of the President had particularly quick trip. 

This year’s theme was Fairy Dust. Anything goes, it seems, so dinner on Saturday night had the dust, fairy wands, fairy tutus and over-proof fairy drinks. Thoughtfully we had booked dinner in a hotel that busses its customers home. 

Discussions continued on going to the International Rally in Malaysia in March 2020, and where to hold the 2024 International Rally when it comes to Australia.  Next year’s GM is in
Narcoorte, South Australia.



MEMBERS AT MEETING 2017 Photo below

More photos below AT ROBE HOTEL


Eleven Wima members including four Life members attended the 2018 WIMA National AGM held at Merry Beach, NSW on the 24th March 2018.  Carmel Sanders  from SA and Barb McEvoy from QLD were present. Now in their eighties are members from the 1980's when WIMA started in Australia.

The same Committee from 2017 was elected with Kathy O'Donnell as Pesident, Linda Rosowski as Vice President, Secretary -Wendy Taylor, Treasurer/Membership - Lee Skinner and Magazine Editor Margaret Stewart also Committee members Emma Bagg and Sus Leishman.

 A kangaroo made an appearance as well.