Dushi Rally CURACAO 2019

Rita Koopmanschap and Carin Mercera President of WIMA Curacao together with 13 other WIMA members organised the Dushi WIMA Curacao Rally 21st to 27th April 2019 which had taken a few years to plan.   There were 86 participants from 11 countries Australia Curacao, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland UK and Aruba (a neightbouring island).  As members arrived they participated in some pre Rally activities horse riding, the Natural History museum and the Slavery Museum,

The official check in was on Sunday 21st April at the Bed and Bike hostel in Pietermaai in the town center. Monday night was the opening dinner held at a local restaurant where the local members rode their Harleys into the foyer.Tuesday was a tour around the island and in the evening a selection of workshops - for dance, head wraps and drumming. Wednesday there was a scavenger hunt covering most of the island with prizes for the members who gained the most points. Thursday was the traditional WIMA parade with a stop for lunch. In the evening there was a dinner at the Curacao Liiqueur restaurant with dancers and traditional band as entertainment.


 The Friday activity was a sail along the East coast on a catamaran.  There was a BBQ and bar on board and a chance to stop and snorkel a couple of times.  That night there was the closing ceremony at one of the restaurants in the town where the banner was handed over to Ann Weir from the UK to be passed on for the GB Rally in August.  There was also the prize giving for the Scavanger Hunt. The Saturday 27th April w3as Kings Day a Dutch celebration marked with a ride by members around the island. Three WIMA members from Australia attended the Rally, Linda Bick from South Australia and Terri Healand and Anna Noyelle from Western Australia.



 Above a group of riders at the Rally                                                                          Estonian Members at Rally wearing their national skirts

Underneath  Linda Bick from Australia


        Members swimming by catamaran                                                                                                           Michiko Hitomi from Japan