Estonian Rally

The WIMA Estonia Rally was held from 17th to 22nd July 2017 at Janeda in the countryside not far from the capital Tallinn. Around 200 WIMA members from around the world attended including 8 members from Australia. There was a pre Rally event where members visited Kihnu Island off the South coast of Estonia where women ride motorcycles with sidecars to carry family members or goods.

 At the Welcome dinner the Presidents of attending countries were introduced and entertainment was provided an Estonia folk dancing group.There was a motorcycle Treasure Hunt which took members to local areas to find clues. The Trash Night is always entertaining with groups from several countries doing items. The Estonians did their version of Swan Lake The GB members did a great singalong and the Australians read a poem by Banjo Patterson.

Members were taken on a bus tour to the old city in Tallin where there are magnificent old buildings and open air restaurants around the town square.The Parade finished at the beautiful Rakvere Castle where there were medieval knights and jousting.  The Farewell dinner was a great time to meet members from other countries and the Finnish members put on a great performance in their sailor oufits and blonde wigs to invite members to the Finnish Rally in 2018.




           Above top: a group of WIMA members at Rally             

                   Above underneat::  the Farewell Dinner                                                                                                                    

            Group Photo of WIMA members taken at Rakvere Castle                                                                                  















        From top Estonian Rally Committee

        Sidecar at Kihnu Island

        Rakvere Castle

        Old City Tallinn