Swedish Rally

The WIMA SWEDEN RALLY was held from July 20th to 24th 2015 in Sundet by a lake near Ljungby, Sweden.

The Rally site was for camping, caravan or motorhome and a large marquee had been put up for the meals and entertainment.  Wima members from all over the world attended the Rally from 11 countries Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 

At the first evening of the Rally there was a special dinner and every country present had a representative on the stage together with the International President who gave a welcome speech.  Every night there was a live band or disco and as always at Wima rallies there were  games eg. to catch waterballoons in water and carry them in your mouth.

The Parade was quite a long ride about 100 kilometers and the destination was at Tydinge a place where local riders usually meet on a Thursday. Sometimes there are about 700 to 800 bikes there but with the 200 Wima members the total was 1120 a new record.  The bikes are always counted at the entry to the cafe' carpark  as the owner gives 1sek per bike to the Chernobyl fund.  Wima also collected money for charities at the Rally, one being Motorcycle Outreach which is based in Indonesia and Tanzania and provides motorcycles to healthcare centres for nurses and doctors to reach patients in remote villages. At the Rally 6500 sek (about 600 Euros) was collected.

The next International Rally is in October in Australia and next year in Hungary in June.