11th - 17th August, 2019

I arrived Sunday to Losehill Hall Castleton,and there were many members already there. Some familiar faces Asa, the WIMA International President, Keiko and Micheco from Japan,Val the GB President, Shoenagh and Pat from the UK who together with the other GB members did a great job to make sure the Rally went well. Unfortuately they could not do much about the wet weather on some days. The house we stayed in was a lovely old Manor House, Losehill Hall, with a great staircase and arched windows.  There were sheep wandering in the grounds so the members who were camping had to make sure their tents were secure when they went out

Monday there was a practical session with Tiffany Coates, also a motorcyclist, on persoal safety for women travellers also an Advanced Riding Skills presentation with Linda Ashmore. In the evening there was the Welcome Dinner when all the National Presidents of the countries attending the Rally were introduced.  

Tuesday members went down into the Blue John Cavern. Beautiful purple stone is mined from this cavern and we went down 240 steps quite a few metres into the ground to see this wonderful cavern .In the afternoon there  was a Pikilily presentation  by Anne Girardin President of Wima France. Plikilily is an organisation in Tanzania which uses motorcycle ambulances to help with the transportation of sick and injured people to hospitals for medical treatment and these are usually ridden by women. WIMA raises money to keep these ambulances going.  In the evening we had a demonstration of traditional clog dancing by the Chesterfirled Garland Dancers which originated years ago by the women who worked in the mills.

Thursday there was the Parade to Chatsworth House.  The weather started of wet but turned out to be a lovely sunny day.  Chatsworth House is set in beautiful grounds with fountains, a lake and large glass houses.. The interior of the house had the most amasing selection of paintings, fine silverware and statues. In the evening there were items performed by WIMA members from the different countries. The Australian members sang a version of Wer'e bound for Botany Bay which seemed appropriate since we were at the time in Great Britain.

Friday was a highlight for me as I met Hayley Bell the lady who started the Women Riders World Relay in the UK.  She said she was amased at how it had taken on with thousands of women riders joining in. At the time of this Rally the baton was in Malaysia having travelled through Europe, Parkistan,Nepal and India. It was in Australia at the end of August beginning of September. That evening was the Farewell Dinner when presentations were made for next year's Rallies one in Malaysia 8-15th March 2020 and the other in Germany 27th July -1 August Details for these Rallies will be on the website later in the year.  After we were entertained by a great band called Thor Gods of Rock.

Written by Liv Andersen WIMA Australia.