WIMA Poland Rally 2014


 WIMA started in South Australia in 1985 after an article about Linda Bootherstone promoting the Womens International Motorcycle Association appeared in the Advertiser inviting women motorcyclists to join the club.  An inaugural meeting was held at Linda's home when 26 women motorcyclists signed up including Susan Powell, Barb McEvoy, Sally Walker, Shelley Slatcher, Edith Leach, Moira Hill, Carol Gray, Terie-Ann Day and Carmel Sanders a Life member of WIMA who is now in her eighties.

The SA club had it's first Rally Round the Bend at Martins Bend on the Murray River.  That was when the first "Shelley Slatcher Handbag Toss " was held which became part of our WIMA Rallies and AGMs.  There are still four of those original members in the SA Branch today, Linda Bootherstone, Carmel Sanders, Barb McEvoy and Susan Powell.

WIMA members all have a common interest - motorcycling, whether you live in the Adelaide metropolitan area, out in the countryside of South Australia or overseas, you will find you are among women who share the passion for motorcycling and lasting friendships have been formed over the years.

WIMA SA like many of the other WIMA Branches around Australia have held Pink Ribbon Rides in the past to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness of breast cancer. Over the eleven years from the year 2000 that the South Australian branch held these rides $50,000 was raised for the Cancer Coucil SA.

WIMA memberships are now done through the National Committee WIMA Australia, look for details on this website.


 WImA SA reunion 2016

14 WIMA members attended a Reunion Lunch on 18th September, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel on South Road.  Three members who joined WIMA in the 1980s were there, Carmel Sanders, Lee Skinner and Julie Sorel. Carmel is now in her 80s and a card signed by all attending was given to her for her 86th Birthday on the 29th September. Lee had just returned from the WIMA Hungary Rally and a visit to Switzerland where she had stayed with a WIMA member, who had the previous year come to our Australian Rally at Philip Island.

One member Vicki Mitchell had come all the way from her country property near Port Pirie to attend the lunch.   


 Above Glenda and Julie

Right Maureen and Carmel




There is now a Returning Rider Course available at the Rider Safe venues at St Agnes and Murray Bridge for those who have not ridden for a while and wish to refresh their riding skills. Country courses will operate subject to demand..

The cost is $116 for a half day course and this can be booked through Rider Safe and if you wish for more information go to http://mylicence.sa.gov.au 


 WIMA had their usual stall at the Adelaide Toy Run this year. Liv and Barb had a busy day selling T shirts and speaking to women riders about WIMA.  They also caught up with some past WIMA members who were keen to come on an organised ride.  Sally-Anne a WIMA member told us she has just completed her book on the history of women's motorcycling in Australia which will be published soon. It was a perfect day for riding and there was a huge number attending the Toy Run.







We raised $6255.65 for Breast Cancer Research!

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Photo Above WIMA SA members at Reunion

                            Lunch 2015


Road Safety Minister Peter Malinauskas  has announced that European ECE 22.05 standard helmets are now legal to be worn by motorcyclists in South Australia. 

The Road Traffic Regulations 2014 have also been updated to remove outdated British Standards and Japanese helmet models all pre dating 1988.

Provision allowing a bicycle helmet to be used by a motorcycle passenger under the age of six years have also been removed.

Motorcycle helmets legal in SA are:-

Australian Standard 1698-1988

Australian/New Zealand 1698-2006 

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation No 22 (ECE 22.05)


Six WIMA members past and present met at the Oaklands Conservation Park for a Christmas get together Claire, Sue, Maureen, Barb, Liv, Helen and Chris Claire's husband..  We found a nice spot by a lake with BBQs near by.  It was good to catch up with members again.  Maureen entertained everyone with her pink blow up lounge and some of the members had to try it out. There was the usual Kris Kringle with no one exchanging gifts for a change.




Nine past and present WIMA members met at the Hilton Hotel, South Road to celebrate Barb McEvoy's 80th Birthday with her.  Members presented Barb with a suitcase and carry bag for her future travels. Barb first joined WIMA in 1985 and was a member for a few years.  She rejoined again in 2007 and has been a member ever since.  She has been on the Committee as Secretary and has helped out with the WIMA stand at the MRA Toy Run.

Over the years Barb has owned several motorcyles a 125 Honda Benley, 250 Honda Dream,  186 Honda off road, Honda 400 4, Honda 350 4, Yamaha YB 100, BMW R 65, Yamaha 250 SR, Aquila 250 cruiser and her latest bike is a Yamaha Scorpio 225. She has also owned a couple of scooters.  Her first motorcycle was a 200 cc scooter which she used to ride to work from Aldgate to Croyden in Adelaide.

Barb became a fully qualified motor mechanic so she could help in the business she shared with her husband. Doing mechanical work on motorcycles was also easy for her. She is the oldest member of WIMA SA still riding.