WIMA Poland Rally 2014


Events current August 2019:  Members attend various rallies. Check the Facebook site for up to date information. Send a message to Kathy O'Donnell aunty_ratbag@hotmail.com if you would like to meet up there.  Members will also be part of the Women's Relay World Ride (WRWR) as it travels through Australia. 

Rally and Ride Calendar for Australia 2019:   http://www.motorcycleralliesaustralia.com/index.html

WIMA Victoria is a branch of the Australian division of the Women's International Motorcycle Association (WIMA).

Our association is for women who are interested in motorcycling in any form; some of our longest-standing members still have the 'bike' in bits in the garage. Most activities include men as partners and friends, and they are most welcome at rides, rallies and events. 

 - WIMA NATIONAL AGM  28 and 29 MARCH 2020 Naracoorte 

-  Meet and greet prospective members at a BBQ: Saturday 9 November 2019 in Mt Waverley, Melbourne.  Details on the open WIMA Facebook site, and the next Newsletter



Kathy O'Donnell for information
Mobile:  0409 856 865
Email:  aunty_ratbag@hotmail.com

Yahoo Chat site

Only members can join the chat group, but feel free to browse and see what the ladies are up to. Click here


Designed by Liz Loke and worn by the following WIMA Australia members who attended the 2018 Rally in Finland. They were Kathy O'Donnell, (President) Lee Skinner, Sue Borg, Liz Loke and Barbara McEvoy. Kerry Smith also attended.       



On Sunday 11th December 2016 six WIMA members from Victoria joined President Kathy O'Donnell on a ride to celebrate her birthday which was on the following day.  The ride started from the Burvale Hotel and went to St Andrews then back to Kathy's place for tea and cake.